Hello Carey,


I appreciate your asking for my input regarding the re-roofing of my house at Cherry Gardens by Alexander Builders.


The only problem I have is that I wonder if potential clients will really believe that my comments are authentic, because they are all so positive.  We are just not accustomed to such high levels of service and quality work in Jamaica


I selected your company for the job after contacting my architect and getting his blessings.  He had heard of your company and indicated that customers were satisfied with its performance.  Your quotation was the lowest and I was surprised at the properties of “Wallaba” shingles which I hitherto knew nothing about.  I did not have much confidence in shingles because of their limited shelf life and susceptibility to termites and was faced with huge costs for any alternative, because all other options would have necessitated replacing lathes with an interlocking lumber base on which to mount roofing.  The long shelf life and hardness (a deterrent to termites) of Wallaba shingles presented a different picture.


I was previously told by several re-roofing “experts” that I would have had to vacate the house if your work entailed changing everything, including gutter beds.  Then I worried about shingle scraps all over my swimming pool and plants and the interior of the house.  You assured me that I would encounter zero problems and what made me believe you were your years of experience repairing and replacing roofs in the UK.  I knew well that you could not be successful in a developed country unless you did good work.  Well, I was not disappointed…the quality of your work was excellent.


My surprises were as follows:


1.                  A crew of mature people who strangely hardly even spoke to each other while working.  They brought even their own drinking water every day and never disturbed anyone in the household for anything.


2.                  The crew was so eager to get the job done expeditiously that they asked permission to work on weekends and public holidays.


3.                  I could not find one piece of shingle scrap anywhere except where they designated to place them pending disposal by your truck which came every few days.



4.                  When I expressed concern about how they would replace the gutter beds I was shocked to see that most were already installed.


5.                  It seemed that their hammers and nails were made of rubber.  We in the household sometimes wondered whether or not they were on the premises.


6.                  I am still wondering how with several crews working at different locations you could find the time to visit and monitor work at my site with such frequency.


Anyone reading this testimonial must think that you are paying me to make these revelations, but I assure them that they are all very true.  I will recommend Alexander Builders highly to anyone who ever asks me to put them in touch with a good roofing company.


To you Carey and your wonderful crew I wish every success…you deserve it.


Thank you very much


Richard Kidd

Managing Director, Versachem Int’l Ltd.