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Green, Eco-friendly and Energy Efficient Construction

Do you want to build or renovate an island vacation home? Your second home away from home or a retirement home? Are you looking for a builder or contractor you can trust to complete your project ON TIME and ON BUDGET with professionalism, speed and efficiency? Then look no further, here’s what we can do for you:

Design & construct a custom energy-efficient building.

Provide a standard home design and construct this energy-efficient model for you.

Key features of our construction include:

– An energy-efficient system with the potential to reduce cooling costs by 40% or more over the lifespan of the building.

– Lower construction costs resulting in 25% – 30% savings!

– Rapid building construction [For Instance a 1,400 sq ft building can be finished in 8 weeks]

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We have a growing list of happy clients that have used the services of Alexander Builders to have their construction projects completed worry-free.

[see “How we have helped our clients”] Above and below our off grid Design-Build projects. Lets build your dream project, contact us for more info!

What makes us different

Alexander Builder’s work teams have been managed and guided by our London builder for over 16 years. Key team leaders and work crews have been trained to be meticulous and observe strict quality control and high standards of workmanship.

We use a team-oriented ‘hands-on’ management style structure along with such work philosophies as “Measure Twice, Cut Once” and “No Shortcuts”. Alexander Builders has successfully raised the bar in the construction industry and provided quality workmanship time and again to our clients.

Our credo “High Standards, Quality Service, Guaranteed” says it all. Bringing exceptional service quality to the market. Expect the job to be:




– A COMPLETE PACKAGE [All required materials & labour]


Luma Solar Roofing

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