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Are you looking to install a new deck or maybe give your home a new look? We have the perfect product for the job.
We supply and use on our projects two main types of hardwood, Greenheart & Purpleheart.
We have found them ideal for the harsh conditions we experience on the island.
Have a look below for more info on each of these and also some of the decking and flooring we have installed.
  • Green Heart

    Greenheart is considered to be one of the best suited woods for use in marine enviroments due to its superb weathering characteristics. It ranks second only to teak in its natural resistance to marine borders and other insect attacks. Greenheart is an excellent timber for many uses but inparticular most highly regarded for marine construction because of its resistance to destructive agencies. An ideal choice for us here in Jamaica.

    Greenheart also has high shock resistance, great crushing strength and a high density. With little effort needed to polish. Heartwood is generally a pale olive green colour with darker streaks. The grain is straight to interlock with fine to medium grain and good natural sheen. 

Purple Heart


This is an extremely dense and water-resistant wood which is why it is ranked one of the hardest and stiffest of woods in the world.

Purpleheart is rated as being very durable and resists both decay and most insect attacks. It has excellent strength properties and can be used in application where strength is important.

This is a wood for both form and function.