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Holy Trinity Cathedral Dome Works Complete ! -2009

Alexander Builders was commissioned to renovate and restore the sub structure of the inner dome of the Holy Trinity Cathedral which was built in 1911 in the Byzantine revival style. It was designed by Raymond F. Admiral, a New York architect. Its main feature is an eighty-five foot high, copper-covered dome and four minarets, which can be seen from a distance.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kingston is a magnificent structure. The ceilings and walls of this building are filled with beautiful artworks that are now restored to their original glory. Frescoes and murals are again very prominent in the Cathedral. The interior painting of the structure is largely stencil work in oil paint over a cement base; in the ceiling over the sanctuary there are etchings of angels and in the pendants of the domes the four Evangelists. This is the largest cathedral in the English-speaking Caribbean region and it also houses the largest and one of the few remaining pipe organs.

We are pleased to participate in ensuring that Holy Trinity continues its rich tradition  and history

Scaffolding in place and support erected for Inner Dome works

New substructure support being installed to existing damaged timber and mortar frame of each quadrant


To see more photos / details of this renovation click here for slideshow.

Portland, Restructure

On this project we saved our clients millions by restructuring their home after they were told that they would have to demolish it to correct the problem. Our team approached it from a practical perspective and formulated the solution leaving the house intact and with a lovely sun deck to boot!

Ladywood Villa, Montego Bay

Objective: Facelift to improve value and decor.

Reroof in Wallaba wood shingles and renovate. Alexander Builders was consulted and provided concept, design and implementation. Initiated June 19th with a deadline of July 16th for guest arrival; Completed July 13th.

Blue Lagoon

Relax, connect with nature or just enjoy the warm sunshine on a lovely timber deck. We have built several decks in the famous picturesque Blue Lagoon. Not just beautiful and functional our decks are constructed to survive the ravages of inclement weather. This was proven after Hurricane Dean when our client was able to restore their deck in record time after its passing (& with minimal cost) to enjoy lovely candelight dinners before the neighbours could say “Insurance”!

Beach Construction

Our client had a great property but wanted a beach. Our team set to work and constructed a beach where there was none before…

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