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We distribute a number of roofing products such as Turada™ hardwood shingles and Energy Efficient Metal Roofing. And recently Spanish Colonial Roofing.

As expert roofers we highly recommend these products for their strength and resilience in a Hurricane prone tropical environment.

Find more info on each of the products below:

Sandura Wallaba Wood Shingles

Tropical Hardwood Shingles (Wallaba)

Wallaba is a dense, tropical hardwood that has been used for over a century to make many products including roofing shingles, transmission poles, fence posts, external cladding, etc. The hardwood shingle is the perfect roofing solution for island and sea environments as it won’t rust and is the best system in hurricane conditions as each individual shingle is nailed twice and each layer of shingle interlocks forming an almost invincible roof covering with good installation.

Sandura Wallaba Shingles are manufactured from Wallaba wood at our supplier’s factory in South America. Cedar and other wood shingles need to be treated with chemicals to extend their life.  Sandura Wallaba Shingles need no such treatment, allowing it to be a natural environmentally friendly product, with strength properties superior to any other wood shingles.

Reasons to consider Sandura Wallaba Shingles:

– Highly resistant to insects and decay

– No treatment required (a very “green” alternative)

– Highest fire-rated wood shingles

– Life span of 50 years!

– A tropical Caribbean & Caricom product.

Our supplier/manufacturer is environmentally aware and has strategic policies to ensure environmental sustainability. Only 2 trees are felled per 2 acres!

We have specialized in the installation of Wallaba shingles over the past 7 years, when many in the industry had reservations. Today we have successfully built a reputation for quality installations and several now look to profit from this market that been cultivated over recent years. Trust only the seasoned professionals with your wallaba wood roof. Stay away from the newcomers or (as jamaicans would say – “no hurry-come-up” !)

The Palmyra Seafront Villas [roofed 2008-9]

The Greens, Rose Hall [roofed 2008 over 17,000 sq ft]

Kasselwood Energy Efficient Metal Roofing

Energy Efficient metal roofing


More and more property owners are trying to cut back on their energy costs and make wise investment choices. As professional roofers we have identified and endorsed the Kasselwood Metal roofing system because it is a smart choice and a longlasting investment. Benefits to property owners include…

– 50 year material warranty

– 30 year warranty on the finish

– Superior Protection From Extreme Weather Conditions 

            – A superior 4-way Interlocking systems that redirects wind driven rain

            – An integrated fastening system that prevents risk of corrosion of fastenings

            – Tested to endure high Wind uplift speeds

– Curb Appeal and Aesthetically pleasing

– No stone coatings to wash-off overtime

– An authentic look of traditional wood [Aged cedar,Weathered Cedar,New Cedar]

– Other Energy efficient colour palettes to suit your property (see available colours below)


Additional Info:

1. Available Colours and Energy Efficiency Rating

2. What’s in the 30 year guaranteed finish?

Spanish Colonial Roofing

Please get in touch to find out more about the type of colonial roof we can supply.